About Us


BEAPCapital is a startup company that provides circular economy, sustainable development, social mobility, social equality, impact and IoT based solutions for the biotechnology, agriculture, power, gas, water and general infrastructure development sectors in Africa.

Who We Are

We are focused on the delivery of on demand solutions covering infrastructure and hardware for IoT based solutions and services in the last mile water, LPG gas to power, mobility and LPG gas downstream sectors.


Our BEAPGas technology uses IoT based LPG gas cylinder smart meters that are linked to monitoring platforms in the cloud to provide access to Clean Cooking and power generation solutions to end users on a pay-as-you-consume basis. The LPG could then be used for LPG gas cook stoves, LPG gas ovens and LPG gas to power generators at the last mile of the LPG gas value chain.


BEAPWater is a virtual water utility that provides on demand water generation and vending solutions for residential, industrial and commercial applications that are based on IoT technology through the use of Atmospheric Water Generators, thereby unlucking limitless opportunity for water production and consumption.